How it works

AddLabel - was designed to help your business create professional automotive addendum price labels. The program is very easy to use with self explanatory prompt buttons. Once you create your first label you will agree that a handwritten label is a thing of the past.

Improve Consumer Confidence in their purchasing decision.

Picture yourself in the grocery store shopping for a can of Tuna Fish. You notice that there is only 2 cans of Tuna Fish left on the shelf. The first can has a printed price label of .89 cents. The second can has a handwritten sticker on it with a price of .89 cents. Which can of Tuna Fish are you going to buy?

Now imagine how your customer feels that is considering buying a $25,000 car with a hand written addendum label on it. You get the picture.

Addlabel will help your dealership bring credibility to the products you are trying to merchandise , as well as maintain gross profit dollars for your dealership.

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Create Vehicle Addendum Labels The Easy Way!

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