Thank you for choosing AddLabel Addendum Addition, Let's get started:

Click on Branding Option Button - When you upload your dealership logo make sure the logo is formatted correctly. Your logo should be sized 1050 X 525px @ 300dpi. Or you can choose to type in your company name and slogan in the indicated boxes .You can choose from two different types of fonts by pressing the sample type 1 or the sample type 2 button. If you have trouble uploading your logo, Email it in .JPG format to and we will size it for you.

You can also choose the label color for your Label by selecting choose label color.

Click on Vehicle Information Button - Fill in the specific vehicle information that you are creating a label for by using our drop down menu screens. If there is not an available drop down that you are looking for choose the ( Other Button) and enter the information.

Click on Addendum Options - Choose Interior or Exterior button depending on the type of option you add to the vehicle. Choose the option from the drop down screen and add a price to the vehicle option. If you want to group the options into a package leave the price section blank and add a package price by pressing the dealer Package Price Button. If you can't find the option that you are looking for, press the other button at the bottom of the drop down list and add it by typing it in the other box.

Click on the Option Header Text Button - This button was created to describe the type of option package you designed. If you have another Idea or description you wish to add simply use the (Other Button) and type it in.

Click on Dealer Package Price - Type in the retail price of the options that you added to the vehicle. Click on Dealer Special to enter the retail price. If you choose to enter a discounted price less than the option list price, the program will automatically calculate the difference. Click on the (other) button to change the description of the offered price and enter it in the other box.

Click on Bottom Label Image - this button is to change the gas tank image at the bottom of the label. Pick a image that best complements the products you are selling. The image will automatically appear after you choose it.

After you have reviewed all your information on the label go to the buttons located under Label Preview section.

Printing - Place an AddLabel Addendum sticker in your printer and print your label by pressing the PRINT button located under the Preview Label Area.

Saving - To save the label you have created press the SAVE button and assign it a description for future review. This button is located under Preview Label Area.

To create a new Addendum Label Press the NEW button located under the Preview Label Area.

To review your saved Addendum Labels - press the LOAD button located under the Preview Label Area.

If you have any suggestions or questions to help us better serve your needs please Email us:

Thank you again for your business.

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